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November 2013


How do you work with an existing brand and logo? This is a true test in adapting to tone and brand. This project required that a cohesive brand was maintained across all mediums. We had to adhere to client guidelines - those were the instructions. The result is a testament to pushing a client to look beyond their needs and break free from their comfort zone. The result... 成功!

Did I mention the language requirements???

Foresite Furnished Suites is one of many short-term apartment accommodations situated right in the heart of Markham, Ontario. The demographic is diverse, so there we knew that there was a language barrier to deal with. English was a requirement, however the majority of clients (including large corporate businesses in the area) and their families speak either simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese. Our main concern when approaching the design and development of the site was ensuring that no matter what language the user selected—it would flow well within the page.

We had completed our brand development and were in the final stages of executing it when Brian was recommended to us. After our initial meeting, I knew that we were in good hands. He listened carefully to our initial brief, was able to offer suggestions and opinions to help drive the project in the right direction and brought a degree of experience that we had long been seeking. What comforted me the most was that he absorbed our brand quickly and developed our website channel to reflect it perfectly. In the end, we got a product that increased our sales, built our brand and established our business. He surpassed all my expectations.
—Josh Zaret, Managing Partner

Working closely with the owners, we implemented a content strategy and creative direction that allowed them to easily manage the ongoing requirements of the website. We stuck with a large, responsive grid that also allowed users and guests to quickly find information even while browsing on a mobile device. A neighbourhood map familiarizes new guests with the attractions found in and around Markham. A custom online booking system was also built. This ensures guests have no trouble making reservations, and that positive experience carries through to their arrival and stay.

Not only did we succeed in adhering to and building upon the existing brand, but the owners saw a 40% increase in reservations six months after the site launched. A huge success for both us and Foresite!

UPDATE: Josh has since sold the business, and it's under new management. It seems new management has taken the website down, and does not plan to replace it anytime soon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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