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January 2015


I attend a lot of conferences each year. I need to. They provide the connection to my industry, the people who craft it, and each conference ignites my creativity. Often times I'll wonder "Can I put on a conference of my own?". I have always wanted to bring together two essential disciplines in the web industry: web design and content strategy. Well, the time has come to stop pondering and do it!

This summer in Vancouver I’m hosting, in partnership with Mr. Steve Fisher, Founder of The Republic of Quality, the first ever Design & Content Conference from August 5–7, 2015. Vancouver is spectacular in the summer, you should come and hang out with us!

Time to start designing!

We had the name in place. Next it was my turn to run away and create a solid logo and identity. Design and content disciplines complement each other; they also work well on their own. When approaching the logo, I wanted to ensure that no one word stood out more than the other. Equal weight. Equal importance. Using the slash allowed me to both separate and connect the two disciplines harmoniously. Snipping off the corners of the “n” and the “c” brought them closer together - exactly the purpose and tone of the conference. The slash also ended up being the inspiration behind the website creative.

It has been a pleasure to work with Brian on the Design & Content Conference. He is an exceptional designer because of his ability to connect to people, define a vision, and communicate his ideas. Brian is thoughtful about his work and gets down to the "why" of a task every time. He brings no ego to the process and is committed to bringing the best result forward whatever it takes. I have loved working with Brian.
—Steve Fisher, Co-Founder

This is a web conference so it goes without saying that the website was, without a doubt, paramount. Excellent design, compelling content, responsive and user-focused experiences, and accessibility were all no-brainers. Using the slash as inspiration, I decided to go with a layout that incorporated geometric shapes and angular colour separations for the content. I never shy away from pushing limits, and I knew the responsive aspect of the build would be difficult. But trusting my instincts and relying on my ability to see a design come together like a puzzle, we pulled it off. Have a look on your mobile device!

A bit about the conference (Is this a plug?)

At the Design & Content conference, we’ll team up and learn from industry leaders how we craft experiences and tell stories that shape the future of the web. It woll consist of a day of workshops, two days of talks, and some amazing extras.

We’re thrilled to bring some of the best minds and speakers in the web design and content strategy world to SFU’s world-class venue. We’ve even brought on event producer, Erik Westra (from Westra & Co.). Erik helped produce the first four years of Confab Events and many other sold out, successful events over the last decade. We’re also partnering with Creative Mornings Vancouver to give every conference attendee a ticket to their August 7th, 2015 event.

I'm so excited to share this with you all, and hope to see you in Vancouver this August!


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