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February 2015


When someone approaches me with an idea for a web app that really peaks my interests, and asks for my help — I simply can’t say no! This happened with professional image consultant, Alma Barrero. Her idea was to match users with hard to find accessories based on their personal profile. The problem: she had nothing. No name. No identity, and most importantly, she had no idea how to build it!

Introducing Clasp & Hook. An online tool that matches users with beautiful accessories, handpicked from the cobblestone streets of Spain based on a personal profile. The idea was great, and Alma had the algorithm worked out in her head. Now, we had to help her bring it to life.

We started with the name. After two weeks of much back-and-forth, we all agreed on Clasp & Hook. The name signifies the securing mechanism found on bracelets and necklaces. As it happens, we lucked out with an ampersand. Why you might ask? Well, we illustrated our own to look just like a “clasp” and a “hook. Next was the logo and identity. Playing off that ampersand as the unique identifier, we went with a clean, crisp and modern thin typeface to compliment Alma’s spanish roots.

The web app was the key, of course. We had some ideas at the onset, that we honed through the IA and UX stages of the project, and discovered a perfect way to handle the “personal profile” creation. Remember Mad Libs? Sure you do. You fill in the blanks to create your own story. Well, voila! We went with a Mad Lib-style form wizard which allows the user to select their perfect profile based on the set variables Alma had determined.

I had this big idea in my mind and I needed somebody able to understand my vision and to make it a reality, given my attention to detail and perfectionism—not easy! Well, not only did I find the perfect professional help from Brian, he also is a fashionista who is always up to date on the most trending online store resources. He believed in my idea from the beginning and added an invaluable “coolness” to it. Needless to say, I was highlighting in my calendar our fun and exciting meetings, always looking forward to discovering what he has to show me: our name, our identity, our store. Muchas gracias Brian!
—Alma Barrero, Founder

The website needed to be very user-friendly, responsive, and reflect both the new brand and Alma’s spanish roots. Copper and earth tones were paired with stunning photography to set the mood. All of the products were photographed by us to ensure quality control and consistency. We opted for a custom-built checkout process which allowed us to craft the users’ journey from start to finish. “Slick and sexy” were the words straight from Alma’s mouth. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Let's do some print design!

We didn’t stop there. Alma was on her way to the largest jewelry show in Europe (specifically Madrid, Spain) and was going equipped only with an 8.5” x 11” sell sheet. Huh? We couldn’t let that happen! After some convincing, we designed a nifty little 4-fold brochure mirroring the newly created brand.

Since the website was in production at the time, the purpose of the brochure was to introduce the brand, explain the concept, and get suppliers onboard for launch. Success was measured by the 15+ artisans and suppliers that jumped at the opportunity to be the first to sell their products on the website.

Because of this, Alma came home with her first batch of inventory!

UPDATE January 2017: Sadly, Alma has decided to close the business, as she has moved with her growing family to Austrailia—starting a new chapter in her life. The original website is available on my dev site if you'd like to see it.

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