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November 2014

The Leading supplier of architectural aluminum building products

Extruded aluminum. Curtain walls. Overhead glazing. Wall facings. I know - you’re thinking this is some pretty exciting stuff. Actually, the deeper you dig into Alumicor’s impressive project gallery, the more you realize that they make some pretty cool stuff. In fact, the next time you find yourself at a Tim Horton’s drive-thru, you might notice the very window you are getting your “double double” from is manufactured by Alumicor! Enjoy your coffee...

Alumicor is a long-term client. We have been working together for over ten years - a great achievement in both customer service and reliability. We have been through two redesigns together, each one standing the test of time, and each outdoing the last.

This particular project posed a challenge for my team and I. How to take Alumicor mobile and allow their stakeholders access to their product library, on any device? This is not a common undertaking in this industry and Alumicor wanted to ensure that this met the needs of their target customers - architects, engineers and interior designers.

This time around, we wanted to really push full-bleed hero images, large readable headings, and big juicy call to action buttons. Quick buckets were used on the homepage to help users get to the most accessed parts of the site quickly. Also included in this round was a product grid on the homepage that puts the spotlight on their robust family of products.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice the subtle use of angled box containers. Although we didn’t create the logo, we felt that the angles found within it were the perfect unique identifier. To finish things off, the homepage was equipped with an updated navigation, robust search feature and news carousel. We all took a step back and felt that the new homepage was our best execution to date. The client thought so too!

Alumicor is a Canadian based company with offices coast to coast, serving the Canadian market as well as Bermuda and some areas of the USA, so tracking down a particular sales rep has always been top of mind when it came to usability and accessibility. This time around, we built a slick wizard-style selector, paired with a heavily customized Google map that allows the user to find their rep quickly and efficiently. The pairing of colour-coded markers, and a slide-out content panel with jump navigation completes the bullet-proof search capability.

Three months into launch and the client is already seeing traffic increase on the site by 200%. The metrics around mobile and tablet usage are up significantly, and continue to climb. It might be too early to tell, but I think this version of the site might very well last longer than the previous two combined!


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