I'm a digital human

I'm creative. Always have been. As my father recalls, at the age of five, I took apart my model cars just to put them back together. I drew all over my parent’s fireplace hearth. I doodled on just about every exam I ever had in school. I build things. I craft things. I draw things. I create things.

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I can build a home with lego, complete with a grand foyer, chef’s kitchen and walk-in closets. My son believes this to be my greatest skill set. Perhaps he’s right. But my little guy may not be aware of my full range of talents, from helping start-up companies achieve their goals and execute their vision, to working with Boards of Directors and Senior VPs at large organizations. I have managed teams of 15+ extraordinary members, internal and external, always with a mind to building rapport and encouraging individual and team success - in whichever way success may be defined and measured.

I’m very passionate when it comes to my work in online communications. So much so that I’m establishing my second conference on design, content and usability. I’m imaginative. I love to share my ideas and show how I can help individuals or large companies improve their capabilities. I also have lots of splinters thanks to a devotion to wood-working.

Made By Marsh Woodworking

I just love building stuff

I’ve been using hand tools and making things from a very young age. I clearly remember building a set of hi-fi speakers in my parent's garage out of leftover scraps of wood (when I could have been riding my bike!). To this day, I always have a project on the go. Whether it's furniture, storage solutions, or repairing old pieces to their former glory, I am always working on something. My wife certainly appreciates it, and my son is already learning the difference between a mitre saw and a jigsaw.

I'd love for you to see what I'm up to in the workshop. Follow me on the socials and get a peek into what projects I'm working on next. If you're looking for that perfect peice of furniture, built-in, or hand-crafted gift for a loved one, hit that email button and lets talk.

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Select Clients

Ryerson University
University of Toronto
Lakehead University
City of Toronto
Ball Canada
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
DHL Canada
Province of Ontario
Samsung Canada
Export Development Canada
Forrester Research
Moen Canada
Shoppers Drug Mart
Pfizer Canada

In My Toolbox

As with any skilled craftsman, my toolkit contains a diverse range of products and applications. In here you’ll find tools for creating, for crafting, for building, and even the unexpected.

I'm constantly pushing myself to learn more and adapt to this fast-growing, ever-changing industry. Knowing how to best apply these tools (especially the coffee) ensures that I can approach any project with confidence and achieve success.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Mitre Saw
  • Coda
  • Coffee
  • Fuji X-E2
  • Block Plane
  • Basecamp
  • Google Music
  • Mac/PC
  • iOS/Android

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